WW1 - 3D Printed

I will be working on getting this list of vehicles up on the site, but we can print the following items. If interested, please inquire. Printing and shipping to order will take about a week.

Char Saint Chamond (France)

Schneider CD Artillery Tractor (France)

Mark I Tank (British)

Mark VIII Liberty (USA+ British)

Austin Armoured car (British)

Gun Carrier Mark I (British)

Lanchester 4x2 Armoured car (British)

Pierce-Arrow Armoured car (British)

Anti tank gun - 3.7 cm TAK 1918 (Germany)

Ehrhardt EV4 Armoured car (Germany)

Garford-Putilov Armoured car (Soviet)

Fiat-Izhorski Armoured car (Soviet)

Peugeot Armoured Car 1914 (France)

Minerva Armoured car(Austro-Hungary)

Heavy gun BL 60-pounder (UK)

Schneider CA-1 (France)

Leichter Kampfwagen II (LK II) (Germany)

Medium Mark B “Whippet” (UK)


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