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GEORGE AND ABE SALE - 10% off plus volume discounts (up to 20% total off)


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Angriff - The German Army Book for Disposable Heroes II (PDF – Digital Version)

"Angriff", the German Army Book, WW2 Small Unit Skirmish Rules (PDF - Digital Version)

This is a downloadable and printable PDF file for your licensed use only. You will need Adobe Reader version 10 or later.

Angriff has been updated and expanded (128 pages) to be used with the Disposable Heroes 2 - WW2 Small Unit Skirmish Rules by the author Keith Stine

The book contains all the platoon lists for the Wehrmacht (including Heer, SS, and Luftwaffe ground units.) It also contains the weapons, vehicles and support weapons used by the German Army in WWII. The three scenarios allow players to put their German forces up against their enemies in three theaters (France 1940, Soviet Union 1943, and Holland 1944), covering three types of tactical challenges (Defense, Attack and Armored Infantry Assault.) A short history and the timeline of the German Army in WWII and some end notes on how to use the book gives players the complete Disposable Heroes II supplement they need to play the German Army in WWII.

We hope you enjoy this book and find it useful.
- author, Keith Stine, October 2018

Product Code: BRS-IIDH2-S02, 128pp full color

This book is owned and published by the Iron Ivan Games division of Sinister Laboratories, a joint venture between Rattrap Productions LLC and Brigade Games and Hobby LLP.