NBR093 Napoleonic British Heavy Dragoons 3 - 1808-1812 (3)

BG-NBR093 Napoleonic British Heavy Dragoons III, (Separate sword arms sprue) 1808-1812 (3 figure pack)

Note that this is a newly remolded pack of rider sculpts and horses. Comes with 3 different horse poses.
(previous Brigade Games Code NBR090, Victrix Code VXP032) 

This 3 figure pack of British Heavy Dragoons for the Peninsular War 1808-1812 has been sculpted by Paul Hicks. 
The picture shows the same 3 poses twice, in different example poses for the arms. 3 poses of riders and horses are included.

Unpainted 28mm metal Napoleonics figures

Sculpted by Paul Hicks