GEORGE AND ABE SALE - 10% off plus volume discounts (up to 20% total off)

GEORGE AND ABE SALE - 10% off plus volume discounts (up to 20% total off)


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NBR313 British Marines Heads (30)

BG-NBR313  Napoleonic British Marine Heads and NBR040 British Marine Command Figures

30 Napoleonic British Marine heads. Sculpted by Paul Hicks and full of character, these models are to be used in conjunction with Victrix plastic British centre company boxed sets. They can also be used on our Brigade Games metal figures.

Simply use these for conversions by sticking these metal Royal Marine heads on the metal British infantry or the Victrix plastic British bodies and you have Royal Marine landing parties. Great for Skirmish games and large coastal raids. Combine them with our British Naval Landing party figures for a complete force.

When gluing plastics it is advised to use liquid plastic cement. However when gluing metal to plastic or metal to metal it is best to use somthing like super glue. To get an even better result and bond parts quickly, try using a small blob of modelling putty in the join, then add super glue and then stick the head on.
Unpainted 28mm metal
Formerly Victrix # VXP0025.
28mm metal Napoleonic figures

Sculpted by Paul Hicks