A Good Day To Die - 19th Century Skirmish Wargaming Rules - PDF (Digital Version)

A Good Day To Die - 19th Century Skirmish Wargaming Rules- PDF (Digital Version)

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By Chris Peers

A Good Day To Die - 19th Century Skirmish Wargaming Rules is a set of rules based loosely on the system used in our popular modern set, “At Close Quarters” This 2nd Edition, incorporates a number of revisions and minor amendments to the original, which was first published in 2001.

It was originally designed for skirmish games set in the 19th century, and is equally suitable not only for the Old West but for Colonial campaigns, platoon or patrol-level encounters set in any of the full-scale wars of the age, and any number of minor scraps involving explorers, adventurers or other colorful characters from this most diverse and interesting of periods. This edition also includes rules for motor vehicles and a selection of early 20th century weapons. This addition was prompted mainly by the growing popularity of “Back of Beyond” type 1920s games, featuring adventurers in out of the way places like Central Asia and the Amazon, but it also allows us to cover other interesting scenarios like World War One trench raiding and American gangster wars. And don't forget that traditional weapons like bows, spears and muzzle-loading firearms were still in use in many remote parts of the world until as recently as the 1970s. In fact, because we concentrate mainly on human psychology - which does not change very much over time - rather than on weaponry, there is no reason why these rules should not be used for any period from the introduction of gunpowder, or even before, up to the 20th century.

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