Disposable Heroes 2 Small Unit Wargaming Rules (softcover)

BRS-IIDH2-SC Disposable Heroes 2 Small Unit Wargaming Rules (softcover)

DISPOSABLE HEROES II is a WWII platoon level historical miniature wargaming system. It is designed not just to put you in command of the troops and weapons of a WWII platoon but in the historical tactical situation of a platoon commander. It is your rifle squads that will carry your attack forward, or be the difference between holding the line or the enemy breaking through. DISPOSABLE HEROES II recreates a realistic tactical battlefield situation of a platoon commander. DISPOSABLE HEROES II features:

Realistic ground scale and platoon frontage
Effective Fog of War system
Accurate availability & deployment of platoons
Singular command and control system
Unique Firefight mechanics
This is not just another platoon-level WWII system.
(c) 2018.  This book is owned and published by the Iron Ivan Games division of Sinister Laboratories, a joint venture between Rattrap Productions LLC and Brigade Games and Hobby LLP.