BG and BH Volume discounts - starting at 5%off $75 order, 10% OFF $125+order, 15% OFF $125+order (Excludes Plains War)

BG and BH Volume discounts - starting at 5%off $75 order, 10% OFF $125+order, 15% OFF $125+order (Excludes Plains War)


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Fistful of Lead - Reloaded 2nd Edition - Printed Rulebook

Fistful of Lead: Reloaded 2nd Edition - Printed Rulebook

It was this title that the entire system sprang from.  The Original.

Over the past 20+ years, the mechanics have grown and evolved.  The Core Rules really reflect how the system mechanics work as a versatile foundation, with other titles acting as a skin or sleeve, to add aesthetic flair to your genre or period.

Now, the mechanics and play of Reloaded 2nd Edition will align more closely to that of the Core Rules.

If you like the rules as is, you don't have to buy a thing.  Just keep on playing.

However, if you want to take your western scenarios to the next level, here's what to expect:

  • Beautiful full color printing
  • Fresh pictures and illustrations
  • Covers Wild West weapons, Gatling gun and TNT
  • Train car layouts for postal & passenger
  • Updated campaign & scenarios
  • Updated mechanics and traits
  • Perfect binding
  • 60 pages

Save 10% when you buy rules and cards together.


"All-in-all, FoL is an awful lot of game crammed into a small amount of pages. Gameplay is fast and furious, and the rules have enough detail so that you can recreate almost anything from your favourite Hollywood shoot-out. The rules are designed to be fun and cinematic, and the way the turn sequence works means that the game flows very quickly, with each player quickly having to decide which is the best model to activate next."
-Meeples and Miniatures

"So if your looking for an affordable fast and fun Old West game, Fistful of lead Reloaded is right up your alley, I highly recommend it."
-Cursed Treasures

"Overall, a fun game and I heartily recommend these rules for simple but thematic games of the wild west games. They are not filled with stats etc. but in play get the job done in spades."
-Adventures in Painting Miniatures