BG and BH Volume discounts - starting at 5%off $75 order, 10% OFF $125+order, 15% OFF $125+order (Excludes Plains War)

BG and BH Volume discounts - starting at 5%off $75 order, 10% OFF $125+order, 15% OFF $125+order (Excludes Plains War)


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Gnome Wars 2.0 Wargaming Rules - PDF (Digital Version)

Gnome Wars 2.0 Edition Wargaming Rules - PDF (Digital Version)

This is a downloadable and printable PDF file for your licensed use only.
You will need Adobe Reader version 10 or later.

By Jim Stanton

Gnome Wars is about having fun with figures you can paint in whatever uniforms you desire. More than a beer and pretzels game and a great way to get your kids into wargaming. It teaches unit construction, standard turn sequences, and tactics based upon the characteristics of each nationality, just like in most rules.

Gnome Wars is meant to be played as a skirmish game where one figure represents one gnome.  For ease of game play each figure should be based individually.


The movement and firing ranges in Gnome Wars are appropriate for 25mm or 28mm figures and vehicles. The board used can be as small as a standard card table, 4’x 4’, or as large as 6’x 12’ for convention games. 

Required Supplies:

  • Recommended 4 of each type: 8-sided, 10-sided, and 20-sided.
  • 20 6-sided dice.
  • Rulers (6 recommended, for movement and to calculate the range to targets for firing tables).
  • Directional Spinner.
  • Brigade Games Gnomes at War figures and vehicles based on scenarios desired. 

Sequence of play:

The sequence of play is based on a card system. Each unit should have a card marked to represent it. The cards are shuffled together to form the game deck. The cards are drawn one at a time.  When the unit’s card is selected the player should follow this sequence:

  • Check Moral: If a unit is below its checkpoint, check unit morale.
  • Artillery: If the unit has artillery the mortar or cannon should move or fire.
  • Moving/ Firing:            All figures are able to move and fire during this phase. Gnomes may move and fire or fire and move.  No figure may move, fire, and then move again.
  • Melee: Hand-to-hand combat.

The turn is over when all units have had the opportunity to move. Cards of units that have failed moral or have been wiped out or destroyed are then removed.  The cards are then reshuffled and cut, and the next turn will begin.

Based on the scenarios selected, additional or special cards can be added by the players to introduce optional actions or movements.

Gnome Wars Rules © 2007-2023 by James F. Stanton, Jr.

50+ pages.
B&W plus some Color

The following are trademarked by Brigade Games & Hobby Supply, LLP/Lon Weiss and used by permission:  Gnome Wars, Gnomes at War, Gnomelings, Stinky Cheese Grenadier, Cheese-Sprayer Gnome,  Grenadier, Baguette Rifle Grenadier, Croissant Grenadier, Knockwurst Mortar,  Orangeman Gnome, Samurai Gnome, Leprechaun Gnome, Rabbit Gnomes, Slug Gnomes, Sikh Bengal Tiger Lancers, Sushi Cannon, Holy Gnoman Empire, Northern Gnomes, Southern Gnomes, Gnoman Civil War, Znombies.