BG and BH Volume discounts - starting at 5%off $75 order, 10% OFF $125+order, 15% OFF $125+order

BG and BH Volume discounts - starting at 5%off $75 order, 10% OFF $125+order, 15% OFF $125+order


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SciFi Rules: Age of Saints - PDF (Digital Version)

Age of Saints SciFi Wargaming Rules System - PDF (Digital Version)

This is a downloadable and printable PDF file for your licensed use only.
You will need Adobe Reader version 10 or later.

By Jason Gardener

Age of Saints is a Science Fantasy game set in the distant worlds and galaxy known as The Dominion where Players build forces to fight each other or to work through story driven scenarios. Age of Saints can be played using the existing Age of Saints universe or adapted to any other Sci Fantasy genre. Players are encouraged to use the existing models they have to work with the rules, make your game and table as you want it!

In the open world of Age of Saints, players create their own armies led by powerful Heroes or Villains to fight across the scarred worlds of The Dominion. Saints, The Blessed Born, wield inhuman power in their manipulation of The Host against the vile enemies of the Hexxen Kult, Outringers, and Dregs. Players are able to build their point-based forces within the Age of Saints universe, or use the templates within the book to fit any other sci-fantasy genre. The Age of Saints rules are 145 pages of vehicles, weapons, characters and armor to get your dice rolling! Welcome to the New Age, the Age of Saints!

Age of Saints is for use with 15mm-28mm miniatures (though would work with any scale as needed).


"Mechanics of the game are very similar to Disposable Heros, players roll for Initiative, draw Host Talent Cards if they are fielding a Host user, then take turns Activating their Groups inwhich they move or fire or charge into melee.

Player build their force with points and archetype templates. Forces are roughly 30 models plus vehicles led by a Leader Character and possibly a Companion Character. Leaders and Companions have multiple points of Fate and roll on Epic Wounds tables for damage, Minions have a single point of Fate and when reduced to Zero Fate are removed from play.

Weapons and armor are based in 4 categories, Kinetic, Beam, Catalyst and Arkane and have different rules that govern them.

Vehicles and Characters have abilities and upgrades that can be purchased and built off of their templates. Leader and Companion Characters can also have Relics that add to their gear.

Games usually run about 2 hours in length.

A player could choose to build off of the Civil Guard template who would be the planetary security force, this has a base points cost for the stats.

Next they would choose weapons, armor and gear adding these points to the base point cost.

Lastly they would purchase Abilities, like wings or excellent at melee etc.

This would just be for a Minion, basic Character. Personalities like Leaders and Companions have access to more Abilities and Relics for more points.

- Doc Mercury"

(c) This book is owned and published by the Iron Ivan Games division of Sinister Laboratories, a joint venture between Rattrap Productions LLC and Brigade Games and Hobby LLP.